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The following LEGO® sets are used in FIRST LEGO® League Discover.

LEGO® Discover Set

The LEGO® Discover Set is included with the registration fee. It is based on the annual theme, and cannot be reused the following year. The set contains enough materials for a team of 8 children.

FLL Discover Set.png

Set contains:

  • 1 Team Meeting Guide
    • Outlines each meeting format, and includes teaching tips
    • Each meeting is presented as a 2-page spread
  • 8 Engineering Notebooks
    • Workbook used by the participants to take notes and draw out their ideas
    • One page is used for every two meetings.
  • Coach access to the digital teaching resources and slide deck
    • Access via Thinkscape
    • Available to coaches from registration until Sept of the following year
  • 8 six-brick packs
    • One pack for each child
    • Used to complete the warmup challenge at each meeting
  • Discover Model - bricks and instructions
    • Duplo bricks used to build a single large model relevant to the theme
    • The model is built as a group, and used throughout the program
    • Instructions are in picture format, no reading skills needed
  • Duplo Mat, 24”x36”
    • Used during group instruction as a teaching tool, and focal point for the group to gather around
    • Used in conjunction with the Discover Model
  • 4 Duplo people figures
  • 8 Discover More sets
    • One set is given to each participant and kept at home

LEGO® Discover More Set

Eight LEGO® Discover More Sets are included in the registration fee, one for each child. Sets are not based on the annual theme and can be reused each year. The Discover More sets are meant to be used at home as part of the curriculum.

FLL Discover More Set.jpeg

Set contains:

  • Two 6-brick sets of identical Duplo bricks
    • One set is given to each participant and kept at home.
    • Child and caregiver use the set to perform challenges at home.
    • Challenges are designed to reinforce learning between team meetings.
    • At the end of the program, the set can be returned for reuse or kept by the child.


The LEGO® STEAM Park set is not included in the registration cost, and must be purchased separately. One set should be purchased for every team of 8 children. The sets are not based on the annual theme, and can be reused each year.

FLL Discover STEAM Park Set.jpeg

Set contains:

  • 295 Duplo bricks
    • Bricks are used during independent build times to perform challenges
    • Includes STEAM specific bricks such as gears, tracks and pulleys.
  • Six additional people figures
  • Eight activity cards with instructions for building 16 different models
  • Access to additional online instructions and resources

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