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Project Robotica is a Wiki designed to be a one-stop shop for information related to robotics programs such as FIRST and VEX. It was created in 2021 by FTC team Spontaneous Construction when they realized that it was difficult to find information about FTC and other programs, especially for newer teams. The wiki format allows any team to edit and create pages to share their knowledge with the wider community.

For Readers

The content on this site is created by teams, mentors, and volunteers. They make every effort to convey accurate information, but some information could be incorrect or out of date. For 100% accurate information about programs, please double check with the organizations that run the program. See our disclaimer for more information.

Finding Information

Many popular pages are available in the left column menu. Use the arrows to expand any of the major headings to see more. For additional topics, use the Search box on the upper right do keyword searches.

Links on Pages

  • Any text in blue is a link to an active page. Use them to get more detail on a topic.
  • Any text in purple is a link to a page you have already visited.
  • Any text that has a . symbol are links to pages outside of Project Robotica. You will leave Project Robotica if it is clicked.
  • Any text in red are pages that the contributor deemed could be a new page, but it has not been written yet. Anyone can create a page. If you would like write about the topic, please read the For Contributors section below.

Additional Resources

For Contributors

Contribution Guidelines

Project Robotica requires that all contributors read and follow the contributor guidelines. Please read these guidelines before requesting an account to contribute.

How to Contribute

After reading the contributor guidelines, you may request an account by sending an email to [email protected]. In the request, please include:

  • Desired username
  • Email address (if different from the one request is sent from)
  • Team affiliation if a team member or coach/mentor
  • Region affiliation
  • Volunteer role if a volunteer (e.g. judge, ref, FTA, scorekeeper)
  • School/organization affiliation
  • Which program will be contributed to

Additional Resources