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Page Requirements

Search for a page before creating one

In order to prevent duplicate pages, please do a search to make sure a page doesn't already exist before creating it. If a page does exist, feel free to add to it.

Link to a page from another page

The best way for a reader to find your page besides a search is from another page. Find a natural link to your page from pages that already exist. For example, if you are writing a page about Electronics, it would naturally follow from a page about Hardware. Therefore, find a place on the Hardware page to link to your Electronics page.

When linking from page to page, link by talking about it instead of pointing to it. For example:


A critical part of a robot is the electronics.

Don't do:

Learn more about electronics here.

Page names should be prefixed

All pages are prefixed with the program they are related to. Please create new pages with the appropriate prefix. For pages that span across programs, use the program that best fits your page. A [[1]] page can be added for the other program. If you feel a new one is needed, please send an email to [email protected].

Valid prefixes:

  • FIRST:
  • FIRST Partners:
  • FLL Discover:
  • FLL Explore:
  • FLL Challenge:
  • FTC:
  • FTC Teams:
  • FRC:
  • FRC Teams:
  • Vendors:


Write in the 3rd person

All wiki pages should be written in 3rd person so as not to confuse the reader who “you” is referring to. For example, the page may reference “you” thinking a coach is reading it, but it may be a judge, team member, or parent.

Be Regional Agnostic

Specifics about a region should be avoided or explicitly called out so others can add specifics about other regions.

Always include an 'Additional Resources' section

Links to more information for a topic can be added to the bulleted list in the Additional References section. An Additional Resources section is included at the end of every page in the page template. Please do not delete it. It should remain even if it is empty so others can add to it if they so choose. (e.g. FTC:CAD#Additional_Resources)

Always include a 'References' section

Whenever a wiki page is stating a fact, it should reference the original source. Those references are automatically collected in the references system by Project Robotica.

To add a reference, add the following code after the fact is stated (replace anything indicated with <> with actual values and delete the <> symbols):

<ref name="<reference name for reuse on page>">{{cite web|url=<url>|title=<title shown in references list>|publisher=<web site>|access-date=<access date in “dd mmm yyyy” format>}}</ref>

A References section is included at the end of every page in the page template. Please do not delete it so that your references can be added there.

See FTC:About for examples of how references are used.

Company Brands

Be sure to adhere to any brand guidelines for any companies or organizations that are referred to on pages. This includes any copyrights or trademarks. Here are some examples:

  • FIRST needs to be capitalized and italicized
  • LEGO should have a superscripted restricted symbol (®) next to it. It can be coded with <sup>&reg;</sup>

See FLL Challenge:About for examples of how FIRST and LEGO® are referenced.


To add an image to a page, first upload the image:

  1. Go to the Upload File link under Tools in the left column
  2. Click the “Choose File” button and find the image you want to upload
  3. Update the Destination Filename field with an appropriate title
  4. Include website or company attribution in the Summary field
  5. Click Upload File

Once the image has been uploaded, it can be referenced using:

[[File:<image filename>|<###>px]]

Replace <image filename> with what was put in the Destination Filename field when the image was uploaded. Replace <###> with a pixel size if the original image is bigger than the space that it should fill. Changing the number will change the image size. This parameter is optional.

For more information on images, see Help:Images.

See FLL Discover:LEGO Sets for an example of how images are referenced and resized.

Writing Tips

Use bullets instead of paragraphs where possible Use tables for comparisons References vs links Facts should have references (see how to include them above) Add links to external web pages when additional detail can be found. They can be included within the text and then should also be added to the Additional Resources section. Try to work them into the text instead of linking the word “here” Any text copied verbatim from another source must be stated as such and given credit with a reference


We expect all contributors to exercise Gracious Professionalism in their writing. Inappropriate content should be reported to [email protected].

  • No profanity
  • No harassment or abusive language
  • No false statements, impersonation, or fraud
  • No solicitation of commercial products, sponsors, or donations for teams (we ask for donations for the running of this site only)

See our Terms of Use for more information.

Additional Resources