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There are two ways to compete in FTC. One is in qualifying tournaments, and the other is through league play. Some regions don’t offer league play, others offer only league play, and some offer both. Teams should check with their local ’’FIRST’’ Partner to see what is offered in their region. Teams who compete in league play will have 3-4 League Meets and one League Qualifier. Each league will have 8-12 teams that compete together throughout league play. All league teams may be mixed up between the league qualifiers so teams in league play may not be together at the league qualifier.

League Meets

There will be 3-4 league meets starting in October and occurring every 2-3 weeks.

Event Description
Meet 0 5 practice matches
Meet 1 5 qualifying matches
Meet 2 5 qualifying matches
Meet 3 5 qualifying matches and potential practice judging (depending on the local FIRST Partner)

League Qualifier

The league qualifier has the same event schedule as a qualifying tournament. Unlike a qualifying tournament where all teams come in with a score of 0, teams in leagues are ranked by their top 10 league matches coming into the league qualifier. Teams will compete in an additional 5 matches in the league qualifier which will affect a team’s ranking on the leaderboard throughout the day. The league qualifier will also have the traditional judge’s interview and pit judging for subjective awards.

Advancement Path

Below is a depiction of the advancement path that teams can follow. Teams should check with their FIRST Partner to determine which path(s) they implement.

FTC advancement chart.png

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