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REV Robotics is a company that sells parts for FTC and FRC robots. They have an online store[1] where information, as well as products, can be found. REV is a big supporter of FIRST robotics and they have many parts specific to FTC which are integral for the robot. REV is split into two sections, REV Duo and REV Ion.


REV Duo is the product line made specifically for the FIRST Tech Challenge competition. They sell most of the electronics used in FTC, the most significant of which are the Control Hub, Expansion Hub, and Driver Hub. Each of these parts are specific to FTC and made only by REV for the robot.

  • The Control Hub is the main electronics Hub located on the robot. This is the source of all wiring on the robot and is a very important part. All motors, sensors, and other electrons on the robot will be wired here and it acts as the brain of the robot. The Control Hub connects to the Driver Hub to relay all information to the robot.
  • The Expansion Hub is an addition to the Control Hub. This Hub cannot stand on its own, but once properly connected to the Control Hub or a phone it has all the same functions as a Control Hub. The addition of the Expansion Hub to the Control Hub creates twice as many ports for motors, servos, sensors, and encoders.
  • The Driver Hub acts as the communication device from the drives to the robot. The Driver Hub has all the configurations for the robot as well as the different programs available. There are USB ports for the driver’s controllers and it is chargeable.

REV Duo also includes a variety of motors and structural components that can be used on FTC robots. All of their motors are easily compatible with the Control Hub and use hex shafts or axles.

Motor Function Pros Cons
Core Hex Motor Strong motor with an output of a 5mm hex axle at a 90o angle
  • Strong Motor
  • 5mm axle input for flexibility
  • Included encoder
  • Difficult to mount
  • Not for very fast movements
HD Hex Motor Fast and reliable motor with a 5mm hex shaft, shaft can be placed in the center or on the edge of the motor
  • Fast and reliable
  • Options for the shaft placement
  • Included encoder
  • Heavier motor
UltraPlanetary Motor Adaptable motor with many gear reductions for changeable gear ratios, 5 mm hex axle for output
  • Changeable gear ratio for experimentation
  • Strong or fast
  • Included encoder
  • It’s extra long
  • More complicated motor

All of these motors are FTC legal and fully compatible with the Control and Expansion Hub.


REV Ion is the product line that caters specifically to FIRST Robotics Competition. They sell brushless motors, control systems, and servos.

FTC Discount

REV provides a 15% discount on items for registered FTC teams. Upon registration with FIRST, teams will receive a discount code for REV. This discount is very helpful to teams and should be used if it can be applied. Instructions for how to use the code can be found through the REV website[2].


The REV website is the center for all REV information. In addition to the many products that REV sells, they also have helpful resources available to FTC and FRC teams. There are manuals detailing programming, the game manuals, CAD, hardware, and more[3]. REV has also produced videos detailing and explaining various parts of the robot, both hardware and software. Those helpful videos can be found on their youtube channel[4].


At the beginning of each FTC season, REV holds a sponsorship event where they give away money for teams to use on REV products[5]. Any team can apply for the sponsorship as it is not restricted to rookie or veteran teams.

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